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Boston, MA
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The city of Boston (founded in 1630) was incorporated on March 19, 1822.

Did you know...?

  1. Boston was originally named Shawmut.

  2. The name was changed to Boston after Boston, England, a town where many of the more prominent colonists originated.

  3. The state is home to the first University, Harvard, founded in 1630.

  4. It is also home to the first elementary school, founded in 1639.

  5. The deepest tunnel in the U.S, the Ted Williams Tunnel at 90 ft deep, is located here.

  6. The Boston University Bridge is located here and it is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train passing under a car driving under an airplane.

  7. About 250,000 college students live in Boston.

  8. The city re-enacts the Boston Tea Party every December.

  9. Boston Common, established in 1634, is the oldest public park in the country.

  10. Boston built America's first subway system in 1897.

  11. Alexander Graham Bell made the very first phone call in history from Boston on March 10, 1876.

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