statueoflibertyAfter the World Trade Center attack on September 11th, 2001, Americans were united together, flying flags everywhere. Wanting to share our love for the United States with our fellow Americans during this difficult time, we started a small website that offered a new way to share your patriotism online. The site,, gave website owners free patriotic favicons or “patriotic icons” to put on their website.

The site gained recognition and kudos from both the Internet community and mainstream media and quickly expanded. In response to requests from our users, PatriotIcon began offering free patriotic graphics, icons, and more that visitors could use to express their patriotism anywhere online from websites to forums and eventually social media.

In January of 2013, we took the concept of to Facebook with a new community page that allowed to us spread patriotism online beyond the patriotic icons and downloads for which we had become known. LikeIfYouLoveAmerica, which has quickly grown to nearly 75,000 fans, offers a daily dose of patriotism, including high quality patriotic images, inspirational quotes, “On this day in American history” and patriotic humor. was  started as an extension of this Facebook community and is the online destination for those that love the USA.

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