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Civil War Confederate Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born on January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, West Virginia, to parents who unable to secure medical attention died literally as the result of extreme poverty.

After receiving his nickname "Stonewall" at Bull Run because of his battlefield demeanor, he continually impressed the Confederacy with his skill on the battlefield distinguishing himself in the Valley campaign, the Battle of second Manassass and the Battle of Fredericksburg to become a Southern hero. During the Chancellorsville Battle, Jackson rode forward to scout with a party and in the growing darkness, they were returning towards the direction of their lines coming upon posted Confederates who mistook them for Union soldiers and opened fire killing two staff members instantly while three bullets struck General Jackson. He was transported by horse ambulance about 28 miles to Chandler plantation at Guinea Station where his left arm was amputated at the shoulder. He languished for eight days and finally succumbed to fever and pneumonia with his wife by his bedside.

He was originally buried in the family plot at Lexington Cemetery. The body was disinterred later and reburied beneath a statue in Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery in Lexington, Virginia, which was also renamed for him. #civilwar #military #history