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The USCGC (United States Coast Guard Cutter) Eagle is a 225-foot long Barque used to train officers in the #CoastGuard. She shares a spot as one of only two commissioned sailing vessels with the USS Constitution; however, the Eagle is the only one currently active. She is the 7th in a long line of cutters to bear the same name dating back to 1792.

The ship has a rich history that started with its commission in Germany as the Horst Wessel in 1936. The Horst Wessel was decommissioned by Germany at the beginning of World War II, but recommissioned in 1942 with anti-aircraft armament added on. At the end of the war, the ship was taken by the United States as war reparations.

The USCGC Eagle deploys each Summer with Coast Guard cadets and officer candidates for voyages lasting from a week up to 2 months. These missions fill multiple roles such as training and public relations visits for the Coast Guard and #America.