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Sgt. Siebert spent 9 years of his life protecting our country's United States Marines in explosives detection, has been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan several times, and has saved countless lives. Sgt. Siebert is a hero. Sgt. Siebert is a Military Working Dog. Today, the tables are turned and he needs our help! Sgt. Siebert has a basketball sized tumor in his stomach that is endangering his life. The tumor and his spleen need to be removed ASAP and his prognosis is good if he can get the surgery soon. Cost of the surgery is $2500 and $1000 has been raised already. The owner "Linsay Griffis Wykoff" is a follower of our page "Like if you Love America" and reached out for help. She set up a fundraiser through Petchance to avoid any concerns of scam, and also provided the contact info for the vet if you want to double check (Gaide Vet Hospital - 517-787-3512) Here is a link to the fundraiser: http://www.petchance.org/chances/133 Please consider donating and/or sharing this post.